Monday, 8 October 2012

House Martins 7/10/12

After witnessing the mega HM passage of yesterday (in the fog today and just a few heard) and seeing reports form around Devon, I'd be interested to hear of any number of HM on 7/10/12 (or in previous days) from the south west or otherwise. It is apparent that the reports on the Devon Birding site refer to quite a small area and there seem to be no notable counts from west of Plymouth or east of Torquay. I am interested in any high counts particularly but equally useful are small counts or observations such as "not more than normal at this time of year".

If you have any sightings, please leave them on the comments including place (+county), number, date and time (my own sightings suggested a developing phenomenon throughout the day).

I hope to stick together the data into some sort of graphic for no other reason that it will amuse me. Thanks in advance for any sightings!



  1. Hello Rich.
    I did a 2 hour visible migration watch at East Bexington (just west of Abbotsbury) on Sunday morning, from 7.40. There were loads of hirundines from the start, but movement appeared chaotic at first. After a while it resolved into a strong westerly movement almost exclusively involving House Martins: sample counts suggested at least 9000 west in the hour to 9.15. The movement was ongoing but erratic when I left. Interestingly, Swallows were mainly moving east (roughly 1000 birds).
    Dave Chown

  2. the last two house martins left our street sunday st columb major

  3. I was at Rame Head today and counted about 100 House Martins moving out to sea between 1100 and about 1430.

  4. 6th October through to the 8th October at Mother Ivey's Bay average of 20/30 House Martins per day passing through