Saturday, 24 March 2012

Oil Beetles

Spring in south Devon can be characterised by many things - today saw some of the best (the Oil Beetles) and the worst (some of the idiots that come out of the woodwork as soon as the sun comes out).

Wembury is a nice easy site for Black Oil Beetle (Meloe proscarabeus). These Beetles emerge in spring and lay their eggs in nest burrows. When the larvae hatch, the climb on to flower and attach themselves to (normally Solitary) Bees that visit the flowers. From there they are transported back to the Bee nest and live on the nectar and pollen collected by the Bees. Plenty around today (at least 7 live and 2 dead) and some nice behaviour too.

Didn't know they ate grass

Nest Burrowing
The next generation starts here

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