Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Most boring organism?

Despite unpromising looking conditions, I stuck the moth trap out last night.

Brimstone 1
Angleshades 1

Hebrew Character 4
Muslin 3
Common Quaker 2
Dotted Border 1
Garden Carpet (garden tick) 1

Some Pugs I'm yet to ID and this:

Given that I am still learning about variation in moths, I had always been worried that I might be overlooking these. The sages of Birdforum said that I would just know when I found one - and they were right! I was very happy but others might call this moth a bit dull. Indeed, it has the dullest name of any organism I can think of: Clouded Drab not only is it drab, it is also clouded suggesting grey boring and rainy. When you get to the latin name, it doesn't get much better - Orthosia incerta - the uncertain Orthosia. Almost ranking with one of the most apt scientific names: Sylvia borin(g), Garden Warbler - cute but dull.

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