Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Tick and run

Events eventually conspired for me today. After sitting reading about biblical falls at Beer and Portland (and regretting having to go to work on a day when a bit of a backlog of migrants pushed through) I thought I had missed out. A slightly gripping text was received (cheers Andy) about a Reed/Sedge Warbler singing at the point mid afternoon followed by a call confirming Reed Warbler - a patch tick - as I was on the way home. Luckily, my wife pulled up just as I was getting off the bus with a still sleeping baby. To the Point! Reed Warbler safely bagged for the patch list along with (embarrasingly) my first Wheatear of the year (before today, there had only been 3/4 Wheatears here this year). Back home in time to catch the end of In The Night Garden keeping the baby happy too! Also had my first House Martin of the year early this morning.

What are things coming to when you have to wait until the 1st of May for Wheatear and House Martin? Hopefully, the next few days will bring some more stuff through.


  1. Wheatears have been thin on the ground this Spring at Wembury - I saw a male in March and 2 along the beach on the 1st May. However today (3rd May) I saw at least 15 along the beach along with 12 summer plumaged dunlin, 3 ringed plover and at least 30 whimbrel - finally some migration!

  2. Odd, they must have come down with the rain at about 7. I was out 6-7 this morning and didn't see a single Wheatear!

  3. I walked along the coast path at Wembury from 1:30pm until 3:00pm and posted my comment on my return home - not sure why the time for my comment is showing as 9:10am on blogger? I'm posting this comment at 09:15am so will see what blogger shows it as.