Tuesday, 3 July 2012

A few moths in the rain

I trapped a couple of times over the end of last week/weekend but have basically resorted to trapping in the mist/drizzle as there are no other options! Saturday was actually one of my best catches of the year with 28 of 17 species including a couple of new ones - Uncertain, Small Blood Vein and Small Fan Foot:

Small Fan Foot

And some others from last week:

Barred Straw

Cypress carpet
Clouded Silver

Blood Vein

Marbled Minor group - poss Tawny

Double Square Spot?

I also managed a sneaky half hour at one of my favorite Odonata sites on Dartmoor before the clag closed in - not much of note bar some Large Red Damsels in cop.

Castor Downs

Sea Plantain, Wembury

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