Sunday, 29 July 2012

Signs of Recovery

The title of this post could relate both to the rubbish below or to my hangover after my best mates 40th last night........... even though he had to be taken home after a mere 3 hours at his own party (never throw a glass of water at your sister in law!). We carried on for several hours after the birthday boy had left!!
Back in Somerset this weekend to see how Currymoor is progressing after all of the flooding. Better than expected I have to say - I was expecting worse. However, the ditches are still more or less empty although there were some inverts and a few snails in some. A few plants were also coming through including some of the good local species like Frogbit, Large Duckweed and Arrowhead. 5 Green Sands and 3 Common Sands were good local records as were the thousands of Swifts feeding.

The only bit of Frogbit I saw

Patch Tick!

There were a few dragons about with Southern Hawker being the commonest species

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