Sunday, 22 July 2012

Is Honey Legal?

Lots of Honey Bees in the garden today made me wonder this: If someone is selling honey from bees that visit your garden flowers, are you entitled to a share of the profits? The nectar is yours after all....... (not that I am about to sue someone - just interested in the legal perspective of this)

Good weather has not yet brought much of a change in the Moth situation with Friday night only producing 15 of 5 species with only a Scalloped Oak worthwhile of mention. Better last night:

Large Yellow Underwing 11
Buff Arches 1
Buff Ermine 2
Buff Tip 2
Dun-bar 1
Uncertain 6
Dark Arches 2
Heart and Dart 4
Double Square Spot 1
Common Rustic agg. 2
Garden Carpet 1
Riband Wave 1
Rustic 1
Dot Moth 1 (NFM)

A few recent ones:

Bee Moth

Rosy Footman


Sea Holly

Teeny Grass Snake (4th reptile for Wembury beach)

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  1. The grass snake was a nice find, I have never seen one before!